TAG LifeSkills

Has the person you have become held you back in life?

Do you sometimes wish you could re-invent yourself to have stronger character traits?

Well now you can. TAG LifeSkills offers specialised 1 week courses in personal growth, currently running in either Malta or Wales.

These courses are very intense. They are designed to strip away the negative aspects of your character and then build a true lasting strength within you.

The course itself lasts 5 days and includes 2 additional recreation days. During it you will be taught to let go of your behavioural constraints and self-limiting perceptions in order to emerge with a more confident and decisive approach to life. That approach will be dictated by you, as each person is different in what they consider to be their ultimate goal. Whatever you determine it to be, you will be able to access it.

Be prepared for a dramatic change, which may also affect those close to you.

These courses run when numbers have reached at least 6 participants. The next course will be held in Malta and is anticipated to run in October 2018.

If you are interested in finding out further details on how you can create the outlook for the life you want, please email the TAG Coaching Team or call Robert on 020 7175 7275 now.