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Hypnotherapy Downloads to support you in achieving the goals outlined below. These amazing hypnotherapy downloads created by Robert Russell are very popular either for your own use or as a present for someone you know. Robert was the first professional hypnotherapist in UK to provide Hypnosis CD recordings in the 1990’s. Since then have been purchased by thousands of people around the world. You can purchase downloadable versions of these original CD’s here. These have now been updated to create an even more positive benefit using hypnosis for confidence, weight control, managing stress, smoking cessation and overcoming fears.

Audio hypnotherapy downloads are designed to create a deep relaxation that allows the subconscious to absorb and act on the positive messages contained in the recording. They should be played whilst sitting or lying undisturbed in a comfortable position.

The recordings must never be played while driving, using machinery nor whenever full alertness is required. Also those suffering from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other psychiatric or nervous condition, should not use it. Please consult your doctor if you are in any doubt.

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