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Hypnosis Training Courses in Milton Keynes with TAG Academy, Holiday Inn Express, Tongwell Street, Fox Milne MK15 0YA

Learn to become a professional hypnotherapist with Hypnosis Training Courses Milton Keynes, along with our CPD’s, offer accredited educational training designed for student therapists and personal development consultants. While our courses major in hypnosis training, they also provide modules and qualifications in NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CBT training through Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, RCP (Rapid Cognitive Processing – a blending of EMDR, NLP and CBT)  and Emotional Freedom Therapy. You can find out more from our TAG Academy page.

TAG Academy’s diverse syllabus range at hypnosis training Milton Keynes cover a number of levels.

They start with basic 3 weekend (6 days) Foundation Diploma Hypnotherapy training courses, which offer an introductory taster to the world of therapy allowing apprentice practitioners to work under supervision limited to seeing clients with non-complex issues.

Our 10 month Clinical Diploma at Hypnosis Training Courses Milton Keynes is for those serious about becoming therapists. They also incorporate NLP, CBT, RCP & EFT. The course is fully accredited, registered and recognised by the Department for Education, Ministry of Defence and the major UK therapy bodies.

Those wishing to undertake TAG’s 2 year Master Practitioner hypnotherapy training courses will commence their first year in Milton Keynes with the second year being undertaken in London. The Master course includes advanced NLP, CBT and RCP, add new levels of skill and competency and can be undertaken afresh by those wishing to start out as therapy practitioners. Alternatively it is are a wonderful opportunity for existing hypnotherapists with proven recognised qualifications to increase their skill base. Established practitioners are exempt from the first year of the Master course and can commence at Year 2 level in London. If you are an existing therapist, please contact us to establish the potential of Year 1 exemption.

Each TAG Academy course is seamlessly integrated. The first year of the Master course incorporates the entire Clinician course syllabus, while the first 3 weekends of the Clinical Diploma comprises the Foundation course.

TAG’s Continuing Professional Development CPD training in London for hypnotherapists and complementary therapy practitioners cover topics such a how to effectively market your practice, as well as training on a vast array of topics that include, smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),  OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Regression, RCP training, Sport Psychology and Business Coaching.

2017/18 Milton Keynes Hypnotherapy Training Course dates
Clinician & Foundation (First 3 Weekends only)
WEEKEND 1 30 SEP/01 OCT 2017
WEEKEND 6 24/25 MARCH 2018
WEEKEND 721/22 APRIL 2018
WEEKEND 819/20 MAY 2018
WEEKEND 909/10 JUNE 2018
WEEKEND 1007/08 JULY 2018

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