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The current book offered for sale is titled: If you think you can… YOU CAN! by Robert Russell, which at £9.99 is an excellent approach to goal setting. Please scroll down to read the supportive Foreword by international magician, Paul Daniels who has also cited “This is next best thing to magic for achieving your goals”.

Through following the recommendations and processes laid out in this book you can use this highly effective formula to help you achieve any realistic goal.

The hard book is a handy pocket sized paperback (17.5cm x 10.7cm) that allows you to easily carry it around so you can refer to it on a daily basis as you undertake the necessary steps toward realising your goal. 

If you think you can… YOU CAN!

by Robert Russell also available as an eBook

Download for only £2.54 from this link at Amazon UK

The Author

Robert Russell is owner of MINDSET SYNERGY mindsetsynergy.com a leading personal development consultant and motivational trainer with an in-house practice at the internationally renowned Hale Clinic, London – the largest multi-disciplined complementary healthcare and lifestyle centre in Europe.

Robert is also Chief Executive Leader of tutoring and mentoring company TRAINING ALLIANCE GROUP trainingalliancegroup.co.uk who provide student training; performance coaching for individuals and businesses, as well as sport psychology programmes

He specialises in helping people resolve personal concerns and building inner drive and motivation to achieve goals. Typically this can cover anything from personal ambitions, sporting achievements, business performance and exam success through to stopping smoking and weight control. It can also be the desire to overcome an emotional issue, habit, obsession, phobia or trauma.

Robert regularly features on television and in the press. His clients include many high profile public and sporting celebrities.

If you wish to simply drift with the wind of change, I suppose there is nothing wrong with that; but if you really want to fashion your life, I seriously believe this book is for you.

FOREWORD for this book by Paul Daniels – International Magician

I came from a working class background. Many people accept their lot and go through this world doing little other than simply meeting the expectations life has set them. I wanted more than this. I was always trying to be the best, to get ahead of the other guy, and I knew I could.

I made it my goal to pursue my dream as a magician, consistently looking for openings and pushing beyond the boundaries of limitation. This eventually led to my television debut on Opportunity Knocks in 1970 bringing further TV work until I was given my own series on BBC1, The Paul Daniels Magic Show, which ran from 1979 – 1994. I still continue to perform sell-out shows around the world.

As a result, I have been a great believer in setting goals and focusing on pursuing them. Through adopting this approach I have managed to enjoy recognition as a global entertainer.

I get asked to write a lot of forewords to books and it is rare that I say ‘yes’.   The reason for that is that I haven’t enough knowledge of the author, or their wisdom. In the case of Robert Russell I had no hesitation to say ‘yes’.

On every occasion that I have had a need to call upon his services, he has always come through for me and in this book he tells you why.

I have always believed in thinking and acting in a positive manner.

I believe the advice offered is absolutely solid and if you faithfully follow the lessons in this book, exactly as laid out, you will travel towards and achieve success.

Paul Daniels