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Welcome to our  updated TAG new look website

Robert Russell – CHIEF EXECUTIVE LEADER welcome message

Training Alliance Group (TAG) has launched it’s new-look website.

You can now purchase courses and products directly off the site.

These include:

Hypnotherapy Training courses in London including NLP , CBT, RCP and EFT

Hypnotherapy Training courses in Milton Keynes including NLP , CBT, RCP and EFT

Hypnotherapy Training courses in Brighton including NLP , CBT, RCP and EFT

Books, eBooks and Hypnosis Audio

TAG is a personal development company providing you with mindset and psychology training within the following fields:

  1. Hypnotherapy Training, NLP , CBT, RCP and EFT vocational training courses for professional therapists, personal development consultants and mindset coaches
  2. Corporate and Business Coaching for businesses looking to enhance staff skills and company welfare
  3. Mindset coaching and Sport psychology for individuals and teams to help optimise performance
  4. Self-growth and personal development courses
  5. Products offered for sale to enhance mindset

Whatever you look to achieve in life either as an individual, organisation or team, so much is determined not simply by your ability but your perception of your ability within your mindset. When the mindset is strong so much can be accomplished and hopefully you will recall such times. It is on such occasions when anything seems possible. Then there are those moments when doubt, anxiety or other negative emotional trait kicks in creating barriers that lead to a lack of effectiveness or certain discomforts with life.

TAG provides you with training to support people in the areas, as well as numerous inner resources if you want to improve your personal abilities or develop your business.

Please feel free to explore our website, benefit from the content and give us feedback or comments on any aspect that you feel can be improved or modified.

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